How to effectively use Social Kits

Once your store is approved, you will be provided with your store’s social kits as well as your store’s url link shortly before launch.

A social kit is comprised of a Facebook image, Twitter image, Instagram image, and physical flyer sheets that can be cut and distributed in person. 

To maximize sales, be sure to promote your store by posting your social kits at the launch of the store, during the middle of the store, and at the end of the store. Tailor your messages accordingly depending on the stage the store is at to effectively engage your customers. 

For example at the launch of the store

We are excited to announce that our apparel webstore is NOW OPEN! Check it out” 

For example at the end of the store:

Only 24 hours remain to get your limited edition apparel before it is gone forever!”

Always attach a link to your store when posting these images for easy access to the site. 

-Dwight Donahue 

The Craft


an example social kit piece